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Who Is Controlling Biden After Bizarre Moment at Kabul Disaster Briefing


Who Is Controlling Biden After Bizarre Moment at Kabul Disaster Briefing


Fox News contributor and host Rachel Campos-Duffy demanded to know Friday who is pulling the strings behind President Joe Biden after a bizarre remark he made before taking questions from reporters following a Thursday press conference.

Biden had finished providing a briefing on the deadly attacks against U.S. forces in Kabul, Afghanistan when he moved on to take questions, telling reporters he was “instructed” about which ones to call on.

Campos-Duffy suggested that there were others behind the scenes who are actually running the White House and the Biden presidency, which is not good for the country.

“All of us have wondered who is behind this president? He’s clearly not in charge and I think Americans have a right to know who’s in charge,” she said during a panel discussion on Friday’s “Fox & Friends.”


“Last night on Laura Ingraham’s show, I believe it was Congressman [Mark] Green said that he was briefed that the president was told not to close Bagram Air Base and he did it anyway, and so we know that Joe Biden has bad judgment but we also know he’s not there and I’m sorry, 13 military members are dead,” she added.

“Hundreds of Americans are trapped behind enemy lines and the American people deserve to know who is in charge and if he’s not up to the job, something has to be done,” she continued.

“This is unsustainable.”

Others have suggested that Biden isn’t actually in charge of his own White House, but there has been no evidence made public suggesting otherwise.

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