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WATCH:Dr. Robert Malone States The Experimental COVID-19 Jabs Make The Virus More Dangerous


WATCH:Dr. Robert Malone States The Experimental COVID-19 Jabs Make The Virus More Dangerous


It’s a warning. Dr. Robert Malone invented the mRNA vaccine technology. The expert was pretty concerned about the dangerous jab. Things don’t look really well right now, and millions of people have refused to take the experimental vaccine.

Liberal reporters labeled Dr. Malone as an anti-vaxxer conspiracy theorist. Well, we have something else to say.

Malone has been working on vaccines throughout his entire life. He wanted to do something the mankind. This world needs more people like him. We need experts who know how to do their job. . We need real experts. Dr. Fraudci is not an expert.

Malone is pro-vaccine and this goes against everything liberals say. Unlike the Big Pharma, Fauci, and other so-called experts, Dr. Malone is all about safety and efficacy. He would never use politics as a resource. Politicians don’t know a thing about science. They only care about profit and power.

In his recent appearance on Steve Bannon’s War Room, Dr. Malone said we have probably hit the worst case scenario for the unapproved vaccine rollout.

The expert warned that America has hit a threshold where COVID-19 jabs make the virus even more infectious than it is without the vaccine.

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Have you ever heard of antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE)?


Dr. Malone said all the things we wanted to say. Listen to what he has to say in this video.

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