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[VIDEO] Nancy Pelosi Just Said The Dems “Dirty Little Secret” Out Loud


[VIDEO] Nancy Pelosi Just Said The Dems “Dirty Little Secret” Out Loud


There’s a lot of confusion, chaos, and desperation happening right now within the Democrat Party.

They didn’t plan for Joe Biden to be an unpopular “lame duck” so-called “president” only 9 months in…they didn’t expect their “big lie” to fall apart so quickly and as a result, the entire Party is in a complete and total shambles.

Joe Biden’s approval ratings are quickly approaching the 30’s across the board, and Kamala is just a few points ahead of him.

Every move Biden makes is an unpopular one – from Afghanistan to COVID to vaccine mandates, he’s handling everything completely wrong according to the American people.

So, you can understand why the entire party is a mess right now – and why they’re saying outlandish things out loud, things they wouldn’t usually say…


And that’s exactly what Nancy Pelosi just did…Pelosi just said the Dems “dirty little secret” out loud – and that secret is that Obama is the one running the show.

Now, she didn’t say those exact words, but she certainly alluded to it when she said that the “Build Back Better” agenda is “Obama’s agenda.”

You can watch the video below:

There are two reasons why Pelosi likey said this…the first one is that she’s a confused elderly woman who lost her train of thought and didn’t know what the heck he was saying…

Sure, that’s possible, but it’s highly unlikely.

Moreover, Pelosi evoked the name Obama at this moment, because she knows how unpopular Joe Biden is right now, even with her own voters, and wanted to signal to them, that there’s a bigger purpose at work here, and to “hold the line” and support Joe because he’s really doing Obama’s work.

That’s what I think Pelosi is doing because that’s how BAD things really are right now for Joe Biden and the Dems.

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