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This Election Data Shows Why Dems Are Terrified Of Trump


This Election Data Shows Why Dems Are Terrified Of Trump

Thanks to post-election research, we now know why Democrats are so terrified of President Trump and his movement.

The data reveals where President Trump received the majority of his support, which has the Democrats quaking in their commie boots.

Keep in mind that this data is unlikely to reflect genuine advances, given that the 2020 election was a fraud, as we all know. But this reveals why the Democrats are so terrified of Trump…and why they are so anxious to suppress him.

According to the Washington Examiner, Trump’s voting share among women and people of color grew to 57.2 percent last fall, up from 54.8 percent in 2016, according to data from “Catalist,” a polling firm.

Overall, Trump’s support increased across all racial groupings, with the exception of white men, who lost ground. Trump gained 7 points among non-white women, 4 points among non-white men, one point among white women, and one point among white men, according to the data.

The biggest gains, though, came from the Hispanic population, which must have the Democrats physically pooping in their pants. This is their “new voting” base, which they’re still attempting to expand with their “open borders” party, and seeing this person come along and take a major piece of the pie must have terrified them.

Trump gained 8 points among Hispanics, according to the data — I am confident that this is correct.

According to the findings, Trump’s popularity among black voters increased by three points (again, I am sure it was more, this is a left-wing outlet putting out these numbers, so keep that in mind).

They wouldn’t care what President Trump does if he were the lumbering buffoon that the left portrays him to be.

But he isn’t.

Trump is a force to be reckoned with, and if left unchecked, he would have further wounded the Democrats, causing their entire party to crumble.

On the other hand, the Republican Party is slowly realizing – albeit reluctantly – that if they don’t accept Trump, they’re doomed.

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