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Kyle Rittenhouse Is In Therapy For PTSD – Claimed His Defense!


Kyle Rittenhouse Is In Therapy For PTSD – Claimed His Defense!

We all know that Kyle Rittenhouse has divided America.

People have their opinion on the event. As someone who observed the entire trial very closely, I could say that it is full of emotions and surprises.

Judge Schroeder, “taking the prosecution to the woodshed” many times, and the testimony that came by way of Mr. Grosskreutz, Rittenhouse had a panic attack while testifying, and people concluded that he struggles with PTSD.

Law and Crime reported:

“Have you ever been treated for a mental or emotional disorder?” Schroeder asked.

Rather than immediately answer “yes,” as he had done to other questions, Rittenhouse turned to speak to his attorney.

“His pause,” Richards said, “was, I believe, because he’s in therapy. I don’t think he has a mental illness or anything. As a result of this incident, he has PTSD.”

“But that doesn’t affect his judgment or reasoning power at all?” Schroeder asked.

Richards and Rittenhouse both said it did not.

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