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Karma Took Down Soros-Backed Prosecutor Who Charged McCloskey’s With A Felony!


Karma Took Down Soros-Backed Prosecutor Who Charged McCloskey’s With A Felony!

Karma serves what you deserve! – old but gold.

We have a big catch right now.

You probably know who the McCloskey’s are. If you cannot remember, they are a couple from St. Louis. The BLM mob attacked their home and threatened to kill their pet. Later the mob burned their house down.

Because they were afraid, the couple stood outside of the house with weapons, trying to protect their home. But, the prosecutor Kim Gardner charged their heroic action with a felony.

Everyone knows that Gardner got her job because of George Soros, and he backed her during her campaign.

I think that Kim Gardner is an evil monster and a communist. The best news so far is that karma knocked on her door. Now, her career may be over.

Bizpacreview shared that there is evidence that Gardner is “guilty of professional misconduct” for falsifying facts and hiding evidence. The court revealed this information one week ago. Now, the case will continue to a disciplinary panel. – Missouri state website claimed.

Gardner faces disbarment over her conduct, her career is over, and Soros’s plot is ruined.

In January 2018, Gardner hired a private investigator to help her with an inquiry into Greitens. He won the office in 2016, but he was accused of having an affair with K.S.

Greatens was indicted on a single count of felony invasion because he took and shared a photo of a nude woman. However, in 2018, the charge was dropped. And later that month, Greatens resigned.

At this point, officials think that Gardner hid some information from the investigation into Greitens and failed to disclose the details to lawyers for the former Missouri governor.

Moreover, Gardner said that all the allegations were incorrect. Her law license may be taken away. Shockingly, Gardner blames her political foes, and it’s the same accusation that Greitens, together with his allies, did when she filed charges against McCloskey’s.

Also, McCloskey’s case is falling apart!

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