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HUGE: President Trump Found On ANTIFA’s Assassination “Hit List” !!!


HUGE: President Trump Found On ANTIFA’s Assassination “Hit List” !!!


Besides President Trump’s colossal name, there were many other highly intellectual individuals from the line of the doctors and medical professionals, and researchers, but also, members of the conservative and alternative media outlets!

stew Peters really has the deepest, darkest canals all across the world!

The last story about the Polish doctor that discovered egg-hatching parasites inside the vaccines made me want to go out of my bare skin.

And now, he has an exclusive story about the terrors of the Antifa organization. His exclusive source was really close to the group, since he was an infiltrator in their lines, used to monitor Antifa’s internal communications.

Living in fear on a daily basis, since the person saw who he’s dealing with, he finally intercepted a list of names, titled “The 250 Misanthropes.”

If that sounds weird, it’s because the list was translated from German.

so, what is this list, anyway? Well, it’s a HIT-LIST! It’s the list of people that German Antifa wants DEAD.

Here’s proof – the exact text from the e-mails.


None of this is a paraphrase!

Quote: “This is the list of the 250 biggest misanthropes. I’ll tell you honestly: For many of them, only a removal would actually help. That’s what you do with dangerous animals that get too close to settlements. These people are much more dangerous than any animals. Tens of thousands more people will die because of their propaganda. Would it really be a crime to take out 250 people to save tens of thousands? Of course, this is a purely hypothetical question, because I don’t want to push anyone to do anything, because that would be punishable by law. But how many people would not have died in World War II if the 250 worst Nazis had been taken out in time? In the coming weeks and months, however, these people will realize that you can cause them big problems even without physical violence. All it takes is a notebook.”

The email then lists 250 names of German public figures, with ten of them singled out as particularly worthy of death.

Here’s the exclusive video:

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