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Durham Investigation Will RUIN Hillary Clinton’s World! WATCH


Durham Investigation Will RUIN Hillary Clinton’s World! WATCH

Right before the 2020 election and the pandemic outbreak, there was one of the largest upsets in political history. In 2016, there wasn’t a single poll that showed Republican candidate Donald Trump would beat Democratic powerhouse Hillary Clinton and that she will become the USA’s first female president.

The media presented Donald Trump as the person that everyone hates! But, there was one problem. Trump proved to the people repeatedly that the media is a propaganda machine.

Five years later, in 2021, thanks to Durham and his investigation, Americans are aware of Trump and that his win over Hilary wasn’t because of Russian interference. The Russian collusion emerged from the Clinton campaign.

In the video attached below, you will see Sara Carter and her detailed update on the Durham investigation.

She explains how everything changed over five years. There were so many twists and turns with the Russian hoax, and Carter confessed that no matter what you will believe in, all roads lead to Hillary Clinton.

Carter said: “I know for the past five-and-a-half years since I started looking into this story, one road leads you to anti-McCabe, another road leads to Comey or Brennan. But every single one of those roads leads to the doorstep of Hillary Clinton and the election.”

Watch this video below:

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