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Durham Grand Jury Investigating If Someone Presented FBI With Fabricated Evidence in 2016 Russia Probe


Durham Grand Jury Investigating If Someone Presented FBI With Fabricated Evidence in 2016 Russia Probe


Hillary Clinton’s team should be sweating bullets after the latest update from Special Counsel John Durham.

Durham is presenting evidence to a grand jury regarding his investigation into the origins of the Trump-Russia investigation.
According to The Washington Post, Durham is focusing on whether someone lied to the FBI and gave them false evidence.

If someone working for Clinton’s team was involved with the unverified dossier or gave the FBI fabricated evidence to jumpstart the Trump-Russia investigation, that could be a crime.

This could also pertain to ex-British spy Christopher Steele, who was hired by Democrats and allies connected to Clinton’s team to compile the salacious, unverified anti-Trump dossier.
The dossier played a huge role in jumpstarting the Trump-Russia investigation.

“It has struck me from the start as a fool’s errand at best, and a political task at worst, but to shut it down would give the appearance of political interference that would be unwise,” said former U.S. attorney Barbara McQuade.

From The Washington Post:
Steele had been hired to look into Trump by an opposition research group working for the law firm representing Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign and the Democratic National Committee.

Durham’s most recent inquiries, people familiar with the matter say, have focused in part on the authenticity of data given to the FBI about alleged cyber links between the former president’s company and Alfa-Bank of Russia — a theory pushed to journalists by some computer scientists in the fall of 2016 on the basis of purported server connections they had discovered.

The theory — which generated public pushback after it was published by Slate — essentially posited that Domain Name System lookups from Alfa Bank servers to a server with a Trump Organization-linked domain could signal a secret communications channel.

One of the researchers told the New Yorker in a story published in 2018 that his lawyer passed along the data to the FBI. Michael Sussmann, a Perkins Coie lawyer whose firm represented the DNC and the Clinton campaign, testified to the House Intelligence Committee in December 2017 that he talked with the FBI’s then-general counsel, Jim Baker, in September 2016 about the information. Baker testified that he referred the matter to investigators.


Durham’s final report is expected to be completed in the coming months.
“Durham has been examining potential criminal charges against several lower-level FBI employees, and people who aren’t in government, according to people familiar with the matter,” the WSJ reported.

“Durham was also expected to deliver a report by the end of this summer, though that target is likely to be pushed back, some of the people said,” the report added.

Republican Rep. Devin Nunes, the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, argued a month ago that he expects Justice Department Special Counsel John Durham to release a “damaging report” on the FBI’s failed investigation into Donald Trump’s alleged ties with Russia.

Nunes asserted at the time that prison sentences could fall on a number of former senior Obama officials.

Now, Nunes does not sound quite so confident the report will ever see the light of day.
In an interview with Newsmax, Nunes said Attorney General Merrick Garland “seems to be kind of a puppet for the Left” and questioned whether he’ll “bury the report.”
During an interview last month with Sara Carter, Nunes said he thinks prison sentences could fall on a number of former senior Obama officials.

“Nunes is one of the few members of the Republican Party that still believe justice will be served. He laid out his reasons on The Sara Carter Show and said he hasn’t given up faith in Durham’s investigation despite the enormous speculation that the Durham investigation will fail to deliver justice,” Carter said.

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