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Dr. Jane: PCR Test IS FRAUD! Hear How To Avoid Blood Cell Death And Staying Healthy!


Dr. Jane: PCR Test IS FRAUD! Hear How To Avoid Blood Cell Death And Staying Healthy!

The doctor answered many questions on the Wednesday show of Ask Dr. Jane on the Stew Peters Show!

Andy the Arrrrrgonaught asked:’’ I’ve heard you and others talk about the Chain of custody regarding the vials of ‘waxxine.’ What exactly does that mean, and how can someone like me verify what you are claiming? When I talk to people about this, I want to be as confident as I can in the information I’m giving them. Thanks!’’

To which Dr. Jane Ruby answered: “Chain of custody refers to being able to document and verify how an object moves from point A to point B, and a lot of times, for example, if someone is getting a urine test for drug screening, there is a very special procedure in the web for giving that sample so that people can’t bring in another sample in their purse, so it’s all about verifying the movement of something that has to either be tested or verified as such. A Lot of times, we get law enforcement because they are very familiar with the Chain of custody, so we enlist their help to verify, for example, these vials, and where they came from, were they picked up at a hospital, was it sealed, and they signed for it every step along the way until they get it to, lets say a lab, or wherever the final destination is.”

Don asked this: ‘’ First of all please do not quit what you are doing, I have tremendous admiration for your courage and knowledge. My question for [Dr. Ruby] is this: Do you know anyone that had Covid and got it again?’’


This was the doctor’s answer: ‘’ Yes, I’ve seen a couple of cases. First of all, when we say, got Covid, or diagnosed with Covid, were really on shaky ground because I always have to keep reminding people that the PCR test is not a validated diagnostic test, in fact, there is no validated diagnostic test on the planet for Covid, flu disease, or whatever that is. There is a common theme, many people I’ve talked to who claimed to have gotten it again or at least got symptoms, have had monoclonal antibodies on their first run, and why is that important? First of all, monoclonals are experimental, so you really don’t know what you’re getting, but what I can tell you is, in terms of the mechanism of action, it’s like renting an army for the day, they take out your enemy, but then they leave, you don’t get to keep them. When you have a flu or common cold naturally, whether you take an antibiotic or an antiviral or not, you will come away from that with long-term immune protection compared to the monoclonals. Some of those folks are getting it “again” and of course, the majority of people jabbed are getting sick, over and over again.’’

Paul Helensky asked: ‘’At the start of this, a lot of scientists and doctors came out showing what the blood looks like right after injection. It was a horror show. But there have been zero follow-ups. G-d, created a human body that is the most amazing thing in creation, and it fixes itself pretty good. Wouldn’t it be prudent to ask those same people to show us what the blood is doing six months later? If the person didn’t die, didn’t have adverse stuff, could it be that they weathered the storm?’’

The question from Sarah Tuner was: ‘’ Novavax, what’s in it, and is it as bad as every other vaccine out there. My husband is waiting for that one. I wish he wouldn’t take any.’’

Laura GP: ‘’ Dr. Ruby, can you talk about nebulization with hydrogen peroxide if you know something about it. Dr. Brownstein and Dr. Mercola talk about it as good treatments and I saw you posted a picture of a nebulizer. I have had a stuffy and runny nose for 13 weeks and don’t think it is Omicron but you know. Thank you’’

Watch the video below and hear the answers to all questions Dr. Ruby commented.

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