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CNN With A New Tune On Rittenhouse! They Are Angry, And We Can See That! [WATCH]


CNN With A New Tune On Rittenhouse! They Are Angry, And We Can See That! [WATCH]

CNN is in trouble!

Fake News outlet CNN changed their tune in the Rittenhouse verdict where he was found not guilty on all counts.

Since the start of this event, CNN constantly reported lies about Rittenhouse.

Now, many viewers saw the evidence shared in the trial, so their reporting has dramatically changed.

None of the details that Sara Sidner shared in the video was new to the people who were following the trial.

CNN is worried about a defamation lawsuit!

Take a look at the video below:

Sara Sidner is CNN’s Senior National Correspondent. There are two options, either she is lying about learning these things in the trial, or she isn’t good at her job.

Here are the online comments:

“Can someone explain how a major news network only “finds out” about the majority of this information from the trial when a lot of it was all known beforehand???”

“I thought journalists were supposed to find all this out before reporting?”

“Their ability to whip out a fair fact-based report as soon as they’re under a little duress proves they don’t believe their prior inflammatory narratives. This bit strengthens a defamation case IMO.”

“The only honest 2 minutes of television on CNN in the last 15 years.”

“CNN would have LEARNED all of this much sooner if they would have ASKED questions instead of fabricating their own answers and story.”

“A very naive question in this day and age… but aren’t journalists supposed to check their ‘facts’ BEFORE reporting them and NOT to report a ‘fact’ as a ‘fact’ unless they have two distinct sources with supporting evidence?”

“As a bunch of supposed reporters, couldn’t they have found all this out before the trial?”

“Most of this was known 48 hours after the shooting.”

“90% of the things she said “we learned in the trial” have been known for over a year because we all have eyes and watched the videos from that night.”

“This was all available before the trial. CNN would know this if they bothered to do their jobs.”

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