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Biden Threats: More Lockdowns And Restrictions If Americans Don’t Get Jabbed And Wear Masks!


Biden Threats: More Lockdowns And Restrictions If Americans Don’t Get Jabbed And Wear Masks!

President Biden moved on with his tyrannical restrictions and behavior to implement what he wanted. He told the world that he doesn’t believe in what he tells the Americans!

“And as additional protections, please wear your mask when your indoors, in public settings, around other people,” he said.

Joe Biden had to answer whether or not local communities have to re-introduce the mask mandates due to the Omicron, and he underscored this message on masking.

“With regard to the last question, the answer is, I — I encourage everyone to wear a mask when they are indoors in a crowded circumstance like we are right now — and unless you’re eating or speaking in a microphone, and — secondly, the — degree of the spread impacts on whether or not there’s a need for any travel restriction, but that’s not — I don’t anticipate that at this point and we’ll see. We’ll see if that works.”

He added that the lockdowns were reconsidered on the table, but it’s just too early right now.

“Well, because we’re able — if people are vaccinated and wear their mask, there’s no need for lockdown,” he said.



Didn’t he see the sign: ‘’Required Face Covering’’?

“Biden ignored questions from members of the media on what more needs to be done to stop the new Omicron variant,” the Daily Caller reported. “Biden went in and visited another store.”

We have multiple pieces of evidence where Biden violated his own rule!

“Biden has been spotted without his masks on several occasions,” the Daily Caller noted. “He was recently seen at an upscale Washington, D.C. restaurant walking around without a mask. He was also seen in November mingling without his mask and only putting it on for a photo-op, Fox News reported.”

‘’Unmasked’’ IanmSC has shared exhaustive research that the masks don’t impact virus transmission.

“Without question, mask mandates are the most common COVID restriction,” he recently noted on his Substack publication. “To politicians, masks appear to have few downsides — they don’t require any supporting evidence, the media loves them, and the rules can be easily ignored when you don’t feel like complying with your own rules.”

There isn’t any data that supports this conclusion, and the masks that people wear won’t stop the transmission.

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