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Biden Sells Large Portion Of OIL TAPPED From Strategic Reserves To CHINA & INDIA!


Biden Sells Large Portion Of OIL TAPPED From Strategic Reserves To CHINA & INDIA!

One year ago, the gas prices were low and highly affordable, and inflation wasn’t even a discussion topic, and the southern border situation was stable and secure. However, the liberal media don’t want to admit that, and the one thing they have changed this year was Biden’s victory in the 2020 election.

The media and the Dems vilified ex-President Trump, but no one could deny that he put America first.

The media shared that there isn’t a link between the problems that Americans’ problems and Biden’s policies.

Biden shared that he will use the nation’s strategic petroleum reserve to aid offset the cost at the pump.

At this point, the gas prices are above $3 per gallon. Biden’s announcement will be a step towards the right direction, but some of that oil will never end up saving Americans. Why? It is so because the oil taken from America’s strategic stockpile will be delivered to China and India.

Bloomberg reported that 50 million barrels would go overseas. The traders said that this was happening because the barrels “consist of sour crude, a type of oil that U.S. refiners are shunning due to its high sulfur content, which makes it more expensive to process.”


The Biden administration wants to profit out of everything. I guess the only ones being helped are the ones profiting off of the oil.

This Biden’s move is a cash grab. While Biden pretends to be going green, it seems that the green he was referring to was the cash.

Bear in mind, Biden was the one who buried the Keystone Pipeline immediately after he arrived in the office, and he didn’t even try to stop Russia from continuing forward with their pipeline project.

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