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BREAKING: Israel Has Enough, Bombs The HELL Out of ISIS. Do You Support Israel?

ISIS was caught firing rockets into Israeli settlements, so Israel responded with a massive bombing from an armed drone, killing at least one ISIS fighter. Egypt was quick to declare a state of emergency after learning of the attack. Egypt should have been aware of these terrorist organizations hiding out in their country. Egypt has been too soft on terrorism. Patriots, we should be grateful Israel is willing to take action. Finally, the world is starting to fight back against this vile organization rather than tolerate its violence. The left…

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Right After Calling Trump Racist, Liberal Reporter Gets EPIC Dose of Karma

President Trump joined Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for a press conference.   Everything was going smoothly until the end when a left-wing Israeli journalist tried to call Trump a racist, anti-semite.. He IMMEDIATELY regretted it after Trump and Netanyahu destroyed him on LIVE TV! Trump Said:   “AS FAR AS JEWISH PEOPLE – I HAVE SO MANY JEWISH FRIENDS, I HAVE A DAUGHTER, A SON-IN-LAW AND THREE BEAUTIFUL GRANDCHILDREN WHO ARE JEWISH.”   Then Netanyahu, a longtime friend of Trump responded even MORE forcefully against this race-baiting reporter! Here’s…

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MASSIVE MEDIA COVERUP! Obama did Something SICK to Stab Congress in Back Right Before Leaving

Tweet This is a very bad thing, especially for Israel. It turns out that hours before Trump was sworn in, Obama sent a HUGE amount of money to the Palestinian Authority even though Congress said he couldn’t! This is terrible. The Palestinian Authority funds the HELL out of Hamas, a terrorist organization bent on destroying Israel and killing all the Jews there. Obama has been throwing a tantrum recently. via Snopes In addition to the millions he sent to Palestine, Obama also spent: $4 million for climate change programs $1.25…

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