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President Trump Gives Nasty Surprise To Obama and Merkel After They Tried to Embarrass Him In Germany

Barack Obama is making a fool out of himself as he follows President Donald Trump around Europe. His antics reached the height of absurdity as he met with Angela Merkel in Germany and used that platform to sarcastically put down the Southern border wall. However, Obama and Merkel forgot one thing as Trump lands in Germany and delivers a nasty surprise to them. You don’t want to miss this. What the fake news network, CNN, is calling a “political coincidence,” Angela Merkel met with former President Barack Obama and President…

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BREAKING! Trump Just Gave Angela Merkel A Message That She Is Not Going To Like!

President-Elect Trump said that German Chancellor Merkel was clearly Europe’s most important leader and that the EU had become a vehicle for Germany. The President-Elect then also gave details of his foreign policy goals and strategies in interviews with German and British press. Photograph by Gage Skidmore via Flickr He said that Mrs. Merkel made one “very catastrophic mistake” by admitting more than million migrants, says BBC. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons President-Elect Trump said the US had to address its trade deficit with the rest of the world, particularly with China. The main thing to focus on in the…

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