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BREAKING: Trump Just Won Every Black Vote in America With This New Declaration!

You wanna know what exactly it is that make Donald Trump such  great leader? It’s that, unlike Hillary Clinton, he doesn’t pander. Sure, he will let everyone know how his ideas will benefit them, but at least he isn’t lying! Now Donald Trump, who already enjoys the most African American support of any Republican since the 1960’s, has come forward yet again with a “New Deal” for black people. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING in his new platform revolves around one key statement: “Safety is a civil right!” Trump told…

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Watch Hillary Take Off Her Mask & VICIOUSLY Attack Black Student On Camera!

Hillary Clinton has spent a fortune on advertisements to clean up her image. She was even able to get Michelle Obama to come out and speak today in a NASTY fake-ass speech that tried to paint Trump as a womanizer. *** Seriously! You got to watch this crappy speech. You know the signs of a serial killer: the fact that they can lie on camera. Watch Michelle Obama bend over and work for Hillary. *** I wonder what Michelle Obama would think of Hillary after seeing this video of Hillary…

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