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Hot Mic Catches Clinton & Obama Plotting Attack On Constitution and Trump (VIDEO)

“IF I LOSE, WE HAVE A PLAN”: Separate sources with links to the intelligence and justice communities have leaked a bombshell smoking gun video that absolutely confirms collusion. NO! Not between President Trump and Russia. Collusion between former President Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Collusion to undermine, embarrass, and take down Donald J. Trump.


This report has been independently confirmed by multiple news sources including Viral Patriot, Conservative Daily Post, Bunker Buster and


Sources familiar with the tape are calling it “The most egregious attack on the US constitution in American history” and “Conclusive proof that Obama and Clinton control a deep state apparatus determined to replay the 2016 election, remove Trump from office and install Hillary Clinton as president.”


The seven second clip catches Obama and Clinton during what they thought was a private moment during an interview with an unnamed journalist. Experts in facial recognition with advanced degrees in lip reading and body language have affirmed with a near 100% certainty that Mrs. Clinton says: “If I lose, we have a plan.”

The president’s attorney, Ty Cobb is saying “This video is the home run piece of evidence that will crush the Muller investigation.”

FOX News’ Sean Hannity was overheard telling Lou Dobbs: “I was right. I was so fucking right.” Hannity’s tweet about the tape was mysteriously deleted a few minutes after it was posted, but not before being shared and re-tweeted several hundred times.

 While the first amendment guarantees freedom of speech and journalistic freedom, the pair of American patriots behind today’s bombshell leak have fled the US to an unnamed foreign country that does not have an extradition treaty, because they fear devastating reprisals from the radical left and the Obama led “deep state.”

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