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Obama Official Receives HUGE Gift From Media Mogul- What Happened Next Will Make Your Blood Boil

It’s great to work in the Obama administration! The Hill reports Obama Administration Department of Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx received some pretty luxe kickbacks in 2016—tickets to the Carolina Panthers Vs. Denver Broncos Super Bowl, valued at $4,000.

Obama’s Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx got a pretty nice gift! Source: Youtube, The Obama White House

The gift was from Thomas Tull, the billionaire chairman and CEO of Legendary Entertainment, an American media company. The gift was disclosed as a part of Anthony Foxx’s termination report, as members of the executive branch must report gifts worth more than $350.

It is unknown why Tull would give Anthony Foxx such a pricey gift during the election year. However, Tull is a huge Democrat donor, giving $1 million to Hillary Clinton’s Priorities USA Action Super PAC in 2016.

Tull is also a part-owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Anthony Foxx is a known Carolina Panthers fan, being mayor of Charlotte, North Carolina, before joining Obama’s administration.

Billionaire Democrat Media Mogul Thomas Tull Source: Youtube, Fortune

So, what happened after it was revealed that Foxx received this gift? Nothing.

Can you imagine if a billionaire media mogul donor gave a Trump administration official a pricey gift in an election year? The Democrats would probably somehow connect it to Russia and call for another investigation.

A major player in the Obama Administration received some nice gifts from a billionaire Democrat donor, and the media doesn’t want anyone to know about it.


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