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As Melania & Barron Landed In DC Today, Everyone GASPED After Seeing What Was On Barron’s Shirt

It looks like one of the Trump children has a very early start in taking after the President! First of all look how the pilot of Marine Force 1 looked at Donald Trump and his family. You can see it in the photo below.

President Trump has a dazzling touch on everything he touches, and he has for years.  But it looks like one of his offspring may be starting off even earlier than his dad did!

Melania and Barron Trump just moved into the White House, after Barron finished his school year on New York.  As they arrived in DC, Barron stepped off the plane sporting a unique piece of clothing:

A T-shirt that said “The Expert.”

And this T-shirt, made by J. Crew, sold out almost immediately!

It’s not yet clear what Barron is “the expert” of.  But what IS clear is that he has a lot of fans out there…just like dear old dad!

Look at the beautiful First Family, united again!  And boy, Barron is growing like a weed!  He’s almost as tall as the President now!

I’m really happy that the Trump family is together in D.C. now.  And that Barron is being welcomed, not just by D.C., but by the world!

Let’s share this around and wish Trump a happy birthday!



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