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SHOCK ALERT: Look Which Obama Aid Was Just Caught Spying On Trump

Uh-oh! Things are getting even more awkward for the Obama administration. While the liberal media spouts nonsense about Trump’s ties to Russia, they ignore a huge story- Obama’s appointees may have been unlawfully spying on the Trump team before and after the election.

So much for the “scandal-free presidency”!

According to Circa, the House Intelligence Committee has named top Obama aide Samantha Power in a subpoena during its investigation into unlawful spying on Americans. The Committee also issued subpoenas naming two other top Obama associates in the same investigation:  former National Security Adviser Susan Rice and former CIA Director John Brennan.

Top Obama Aid Samantha Power.                 Source: Youtube, Al Jazeera English

Susan Rice, a known liar who famously blamed the attacks on Americans in Benghazi on a Youtube video, initially denied that she had unmasked American names in intelligence briefings. She later came clean, but stated she had a good reason to unmask the names and did not do it “for political purposes.”

Yeah right! Why should we believe her now?

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes claimed weeks ago that he saw evidence NSA data had been improperly used to spy on the Trump transition team. These new subpoena orders seem to suggest he was right.


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