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MELANIA EXPOSED: White House Just Confirmed Melania Trump’s BIGGEST Secret

There is apparently a big secret that Melania Trump has been ‘hiding’ this whole time. No, she is not a Russian Plant or a space alien.

The White House today officially confirmed one thing that became VERY apparent when Trump visited the Pope this week…

Melania Trump is a Devout Catholic

You could see how honored she was to meet Pope Francis this week and the smile on her face when he gifted her a blessed Rosary.

Her Catholicism is a really big deal. This makes Melania the FIRST practicing Catholic to live in the White House since JFK.

That’s a pretty diverse family. Donald the Protestant, Melania the Catholic, Ivanka the Orthodox Jew. This may be the most diverse First Family America has had.

I say the more the merrier. The many different religious philosophies in the White House these days are a reflection of our times. Donald Trump has opened the door for so many great things because of his connections.

He was able to lead Peace negotiations in Israel thanks to his Jewish family and made Peace with the Pope with Melania by his side.

If Melania was willing to have it announced, she must want the world to know about her faith. Help her spread the word and leave a “God Bless” for our first lady.



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