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BANNON WAS RIGHT! FBI Just Leaked Secret About Jared Kushner That’s REALLY Bad For Trump

Another day, another leak. If the FBI were a dam, it would be on the verge of collapse. Now SOMEONE is telling NBC that they are investigating Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner.

Jared Kushner has been named as the person-of-interest in the Russia investigation.

The investigation stems from Kushner’s multiple meeting with Russian Ambassador Kislyak before the election.

Bannon has supposedly predicted earlier that Jared’s interactions with the Russians would be a problem for the White House in the future. Looks like he was right.

However, this does not mean that Jared Kushner is guilty of any collusion.

In fact, almost immediately after the story was published, Kushner released a statement promising he was going to and still will cooperate with the FBI’s investigation fully because he has nothing to hide.

Either way, this is bad news for Donald Trump. He has enough of a headache trying to right the wrongs of these past few Presidents. The last thing he needs is this.

That’s why it’s so important we show him that we still have his back. If you do, show it by spreading this around to everyone you know. It’s important we tell the FULL story.


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