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BOMBSHELL SCANDAL! Republicans Have The SMOKING GUN That Will Put Obama In JAIL!

We all knew it was something BIG when House Intelligence leader Devin Nunes held that press conference about Obama surveilling Trump. However, nothing could have prepared us for this…

Republicans on the Intelligence Committee said Nunes has a “smoking gun” that will “leave no doubt” about Obama spying on Donald Trump for political reasons!

According to the sources who spoke with FOX News Obama used something called “unmasking” to reveal names of Americans connected to Trump. He then spread their names and info amongst his top advisors.

Not only that, but the full information is expected to be delivered to the Committee by the NSA today!

Finally, we will finally have what we need to put that criminal Obama behind bars. Hopefully, it will be enough to shut down Hillary Clinton once-and-for-all.

Democrats are literally going insane. They have no clue what to do so now they are working to get Nunes kicked out of the Intelligence Committee! FAT CHANCE!!

Donald Trump knew the whole time the evidence was there and now it’s finally happening. So thank you, Devin Nunes, for helping to uncover the Truth for all Americans to see.



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