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STOP DRINKING STARBUCKS NOW! Just wait til You See What They Did to Trump Today…

Ohhhhh man! I cannot stand Starbucks. Why the hell can companies not realize that people like them for their PRODUCT and do NOT want their freaking political opinions?!

Now Starbucks has decided to drop their traditional holiday cups and replace them with a brand-new pro-Hillary cup! This is a total “screw you” to Donald Trump.

I present to you the “Shared Values” cup, named after Hillary Clinton’s own “Stronger Together” campaign slogan…


Yeah, Starbucks, we get it! You want to stay socially relevant and your CEO is a HUGE Hillary Clinton supporter. But you know what, I’m not buying it!


Look, there are plenty of other coffee places to go to that won’t screw you out of your political opinions. Maybe try one of these:

  • Pete’s Coffee
  • McDonald’s Coffee
  • Tim Hortons!
  • Buy a Homebrew
  • Visit a local coffee shop and help small business

Whatever you do, however, do NOT grab a Starbuck’s coffee. Not unless you are comfortable with that money being funneled into the Clinton campaign and Democratic Party in some way, shape or form.


We the people do need to unite. We need to unite and tell these Corporations and Celebrities that we are not paying them for their damn opinion.

If you agree and wanna help stop Starbucks and spread this message, then all you gotta do is share this with your 3 closest friends of Facebook!



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