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JUST IN: Trump Needs Every Single Patriot To Do 1 Thing For Him On Election Day…

We need to watch the election. We need to put Trump in the White House. You know what I mean.

*** Watch your votes. Stay vigilant. Trump needs us to pay attention.

Hillary is still trying to rig the election. Here’s the proof. Black Box Voting was founded in 2003 as a way to stop voter fraud.

Here is exactly how Hillary will rig the election.

Watch this video. This is how she will try and do it.

You are wondering what “black box” means. It is a non-transparent function that is hidden from the public.

With voting machines. Political power is converted into the hands of anonymous groups out of your control.

*** We need to EXPOSE this!!

Share this with every single Trump voter that you know. We need to stay vigilant.

What is the best way to combat this below? Comment what you think.

Go Trump! We need to bring jobs back.



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