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BREAKING: Obama Promises to LEAVE America if Trump Does This One Thing!

Oh man, if y’all were looking for some good news today, then man do I have a doozie for ya.

If you have been online recently, then you know all about the rumors about what will happen if Donald Trump gets elected. Obama’s own Press Secretary just confirmed the biggest rumor of all…

Obama Will Leave the US for Good if Donald Trump Wins the Election! 


That’s right. Apparently, Barack Obama plans on moving his entire country to Canada if Donald Trump is elected president. I say Good Riddens to Bad Rubbish.

The story started as just a rumor, however, a brave reporter decided to stand up to Press Secretary Josh Ernest and as for an honest answer about Obama’s plans.

Ernest refused to deny the rumors and even said that Obama was campaigning to ensure that no one would have to leave America because of a Donald Trump presidency.

Hahaha! Get those losers out of here. This is just another reason that we need Donald Trump to become our President.

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